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Studio Emporium is the ultimate business tool for dance studio owners

When you created a second income stream by starting a Studio Emporium online boutique, not only will you enjoy increased profits, but you will solve your time consuming dancewear and costume challenges. Using our specialised dance studio business programs our members reduce administrative stress

What’s in a name?

We experimented with a few working titles before deciding on the name Studio ‘Emporium’. An “Emporium” is a department store of old. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries department stores were new and exciting destinations. Previously people had purchased goods andemporium services from a range of small suppliers. Emporiums were a new concept offering customers a range of items all in the one place.   

The Australian Newspaper on 6th June 1907 described Anthony Hordern & Sons (one of Sydney’s first  Emporiums) as an ‘embodiment of fairyland’.  

That is exactly what Studio Emporium is for dance studio owners. This is the “new and exciting destination” studio owners come to for practical solutions; down to earth, relevant, industry appropriate tools to run their business.

The Studio Emporium Offerings

*Your Second Income Stream: 

Pick the costumes and dancewear supplies that you would like to stock and we will build you an online store that that blends seamlessly with your current website.

*Easy Costuming for Concert – no more chasing money!admin-ajax-min

Select your costumes from our Studio Emporium collection then watch while your parents go online and purchase the costumes, paying as they go so you no longer have to chase fees.

*Dance class wear for the perfect uniform look

Sell the items your dancers need for class. You’ve done the hard work enrolling them, now you can profit from uniform items you were sending them elsewhere to get.

*Online Solutions: 

If you don’t have a website, we can an entire website built for you. Let’s face it….Facebook shouldn’t be the ‘face’ of your business

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