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Can any Dance Studio buy from Studio Emporium?

Studio Emporium partners with selected dance studio owners. Our products are available at wholesale price exclusively to our partner studios. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming one of studio partners. 

Would Studio Emporium work for my studio?

Studio Emporium is the perfect system for anyone studio who recommends dancewear to their students. The same way you assign leotards, shoes, stockings etc a class, you can assign costumes. Studio Emporium allows studio owners to profit on something that you’ve never truly profited from before. You’ve done the hard work to build your enrolments, now capitalise on your hard work without stress or additional work load.

How many products do you have to sell if you are a studio partner?

You can list all our products on your online store or select just to sell ballet shoes. The choice is completely up to you – it’s your store!
You can even customise your description so parents know exactly what they need to buy for each class or dance troupe. You can even suggest items.

Can I customise descriptions to make it easy for my families?

Yes – you can customise your description so parents know exactly what they need to buy for each class or dance troupe. You can name the class, time, teacher and more. 

What will my online boutique look like?

Your online store boutique will blend seamlessly with your current website. Your Studio Emporium partnership manager will set up the store for you and merge it with your website. The boutique will have your studio logo and colours and feel to your families like it is your store.

I don’t have a website. Can I still be a partner?

Absolutely you can still be a partner! Don’t have a website – no problem! We can build an entire website just for you. Don’t want a website – can have a link from your facebook page or give you a link to simply send to your families. 

What does the Studio Emporium online store cost?

Setting up your Studio Emporium Boutique costs around  *$200 . 

* Pricing subject to Studio Needs. Talk to your studio Emporium partnership manager to find out more. Yearly hosting and maintenance fees not included.

How long does it take to start selling once I become a partner?

We allow around two weeks for us to getting everything set up and tested before you announce your new online boutique to the world.

How long do partnerships last?

Studio Emporium partnerships begin with a 12 month agreement and then are ongoing. 

Who handles customer payments?

Studio Emporium look after all customer payment transactions. Studio Owners don’t need to worry about payment gateways or SSL certificates. All payments come through our secure payment portal. At the end of the month you can watch your bank account increase as we share 50% of the profits with you – deposited directly into your nominated bank account. You’ll never be chasing parents for money , costumes or dancewear again, as you have not outlaid money on costumes. 

Do I get to choose how much each item costs?

With Studio Emporium you decided how much or a mark-up you add for each item of dancewear and each costume. You decide on the profit you’d like to receive from each sale! You have  control over how much your dancers will pay and how much commission you will make on each sale.

Who can see the wholesale prices?

Our accounts are password protected so dancers and their parents only see one accurate price on your very own online boutique. Parents don’t see the wholesale studio price, just the price you’ve decided is appropriate for your studio and parents to pay.

Can I see your catalog and prices before I sign up?

The boutique page on our website shows samples of our range so you can get a feel for the products we offer. Once a studio registers interest we are happy to share a sample of our catalog and give indications of our wholesale prices on any items you are interested in. Our open and complete catalog is only made available to partners for privacy reasons.

Who looks after stock and shipping?

All items are stocked in our secure Studio Emporium warehouse. Our distribution team receive orders, pack them with care and ship either them directly to your studio or to parents depending on your delivery choice. Studio Emporium will ship your items straight to your studio so you can handle them to your dancers or directly to your families addresses. 

Your Studio Emporium online boutique allows you to see precisely which dancers have ordered and exactly what they have ordered.

I‘d like to order costumes. How do I do this?

Look through our Studio Emporium costume catalogs. Select the costumes you would like for your concert if we have it in stock you can start selling immediately.  For non-stocked costume items, orders must be place by 10th August, 2016 as most Studio Emporium costumes are made to order so please allow 8 – 12 weeks for delivery.

 You will need to detail how many costumes you would like to order and the sizes you believe you will require. Your costumes then appear on your online boutique and parents go online and purchase before a designated cut off date. No outlay of money from you! Please see your partnership manager to learn about our terms and conditions of Studio Emporium Costumes.