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Get started selling dancewear and costumes at your studio easily and profitably.

How Do I Get Started?


It’s a simple as following choreography! Follow the steps to launching your new profit center.

1.    Become a Studio Emporium Partner.

This is FREE and so easy! Simply register for our Studio Partnership Program online and we’ll get back to you asap. Please note that to become a partner you must be a dance studio owner. Partnerships are limited per year to ensure our outstanding service remains personal and exceptional.

2.    Check out the amazing things Studio Emporium offers.

Once we’ve approved you as a partner, your personal Studio Emporium manager will send you login details with access to our exclusive Studio Partners only sections. Here you can take a look and decide what you would like to have included in your online boutique. You can try out different profit margins to see how much your new income stream can bring you!

3.    Choose the products you want to sell.

You can either let us know immediately what products you would like to include by selecting your items online or you might prefer to visit our Studio Emporium Boutique where you’ll meet your personal Partnership manager who will dance you step by step through a full range of samples so you can see for yourself the quality you will be ordering.

4.    We’ll setup your personal online boutique.

Once you’ve selected your products our Studio Emporium Web Gurus will get to work putting together your personal online boutique complete with your logo and colors and will link it to your website.

 Don’t have a website? No stress!

We can either create a simple effective one for you or you can choose to have your studio shop through the Studio Emporium  site. Your Studio Emporium Manager will help you decide which way you want to go!

5.    Share the good news!

Let your families know that you’re now selling dancewear and costumes through your own studio online boutique. Send then an email, shoot them an SMS, post on Facebook! Then sit back and watch the magic happen!

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