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Jazz Shoes 1Selling Studio Emporium Dancewear is SO easy!!

Selling the dancewear students wear to your classes is a fantastic and easy way to grow your business and make things simple for your families. Parents will appreciate the convenience of being able to order uniforms directly from the studio they dance with, they’ll love the prices because as the studio owner you’ll be able to price your items at a point that is comfortable for your families. YOU will LOVE the extra income you’ll generate by creating a second profit avenue for your studio.

Studio Emporium makes the whole process so easy! You’re in control!

Here’s why…

  • There’s NO minimum orders
  • No inventory to stock or keep – no outlay for you!
  • Your studio becomes the go-to destination for the products your dancers want. No competition and more profit for you!Ballet Stockings
  • You select the items you want to sell and we set it up for you!
  • Simple sizing kits allow a proper fit every time.
  • Most in stock items ship the same day.
  • Once a month your partnership profit share will be direct deposited to your account ~ more money with so little effort!

It really is that simple! – find out more by clicking here!

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